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If you are presently blocked from editing on Wikipedia (which you may verify by clicking here), you may fill out the form below to have an administrator review your block. Please complete all fields labelled in red text, as these are required in order for us to complete a full review of your block.

If you are having trouble editing a particular page or making a particular edit, but are able to edit the page linked in the previous paragraph, you may not be blocked, but instead could be having difficulty with page protection or the edit filter. For more information, and instructions on how to receive assistance, please see those links.

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Please remember that Wikipedia administrators are volunteers; it may take some time for your appeal to be reviewed, and a courteous appeal will be met with a courteous response. If you feel it is taking too long for your appeal to be reviewed, you can usually appeal your block on your user talk page (located here) by copying this text and pasting it in a new section on the bottom of your page: {{unblock|1=your reason here}} Be sure to replace "your reason here" with your appeal.