Unblock Ticket Request System Privacy Policy

Welcome to the Unblock Ticket Request System. We recognize that you are a volunteer working to contribute towards the world's largest free online encyclopedia. As such, we recognize that there may be some information you'd rather keep private. We value that privacy and wish to assure you that we have taken steps to ensure that by requesting unblocking here, you are not at risk of exposing your identity on the internet. At the same time, however, in order to properly process your unblock request, we do need to collect certain information that will allow us to distinguish you from others editing from the same or a nearby location.

Wikimedia Labs Disclaimer

By using this project, you agree that any private information you give to this project may be made publicly available and not be treated as confidential.

By using this project, you agree that the volunteer administrators of this project will have access to any data you submit. This can include your IP address, your username/password combination for accounts created in Labs services, and any other information that you send. The volunteer administrators of this project are bound by the Wikimedia Labs Terms of Use, and are not allowed to share this information or use it in any non-approved way.

Since access to this information is fundamental to the operation of Wikimedia Labs, these terms regarding use of your data expressly override the Wikimedia Foundation's Privacy Policy as it relates to the use and access of your personal information.

What data do we collect, and why?

This system records your IP Address and useragent data. This information may be processed overseas and your data will remain confidential. It is important to note that this information is provided by your internet browser to any website you visit; it is not possible to confirm any specific person's identity with this information. We only use this to prevent abuse of Wikipedia and UTRS.

We also require your email address so that we can respond to you with questions and the result of your appeal.

By submitting an appeal at UTRS, you agree to provide this information and allow UTRS volunteers to view it for the explicit purpose of reviewing your block on the English Wikipedia.

How is this data stored, and who can see it?

We store this data in a secure database, which is visible only to UTRS developers, several of whom are identified to the Wikimedia Foundation, just as Checkusers are required to do. In order to assist with reviewing your block, this information is provided to UTRS volunteers as follows:

At no point will your data be provided to a third party for any purpose; furthermore, this information will be removed from our system no more than one week after your appeal is closed. This removal process is automated, so you don't need to worry about anyone forgetting to hit the "delete" button.

Finally, we are not the Wikimedia Foundation. We are a group of volunteers who have made our identities known to the foundation.

What are your rights with regard to this information?

If you wish to see what information has been collected on you by this system, you may email the development team at utrs-developers@googlegroups.com to request all information associated with your appeal.

If you do not wish for this information to be collected by UTRS, you may appeal via your talk page on Wikipedia. Please note that if you appeal on Wikipedia, your IP address and useragent may be examined by any CheckUser, with cause, in accordance with the Wikimedia Foundation Privacy Policy.

If you have already entered an appeal at UTRS and wish for your information to be deleted immediately, please email the development team at utrs-developers@googlegroups.com to have your appeal deleted from the database. You will then need to appeal your block through one of the alternate venues mentioned above. Again, please note that this information will be automatically removed one week after your appeal is resolved.

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact the development team at utrs-developers@googlegroups.com.